Saturday, May 25, 2013



Tkemali - Georgian national sauce

Secret Georgian sauce "Tkemali"

Perhaps, Georgian table has a necessary and essential attribute Tkemali , Georgian sauce known as Tkemali is made from wild plum


There are many different species of wild plum trees in Georgia.

In Georgia Tkemali is the most widely used sauces, deservedly called the Georgian national sauce - who once had a taste of its specific sour - with species , will never forget it's taste

There are many companies in Georgia who produce Tkemali in bottles , so even if you don't know how to make this delicious sauce , you can always go to market and buy Tkemali from different companies.
Tkemali ( Georgian national sauce ) can be red or greed, here is the list of companies who produce Tkemali and i have personally tasted their products:

They have very tasty Tkemali  Red and Green, i personally recommend buying their products
Kula - Tkemali

Another company that i also recommend is:
Marneuli -
Marneuli - Tkemali

They have very good products including Tkemali

Caucasian shepherd dog - Georgian shepherd dog